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May 12, 2011

Offshore recordings in Polish water

BY: Christina Abel


© OCEANA / Carlos Suárez


After filming the German waters, we now sailed into the Polish water where we did recordings offshore, inclusive at a sandbank and two places in the Gdansk Deep. At the shallow sandbank, called Oderbank, the divers went diving directly from Hanse Explorer. We could see their bobbles from the boat, while they dived around it.

We made two deep ROV dives in Gdansk Deep at respectively 80 meters and 100 meters depth. We saw jellyfish in the water column and small red worms at the bottom, which was sampled with the dredge for identification later. The bottom looked like the moon, due to a white cover of the whole bottom, with black “craters” in it. The low level of oxygen here is probably the explanation for this scenario. I checked the CTD data from the 100 meters place, and it was clearly to see the halocline and thermocline at about 60 meters depth. 

Next step on our expedition is to discover the water of the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.