Oceana exhorte les pays méditerranéens à améliorer la transparence et la durabilité des pêches

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE 28/10/2021 L’organisation demande aux pays méditerranéens de rendre publiques les informations sur les navires autorisés à pêcher, afin de faciliter l’identification de la pêche illégale   Oceana propose une nouvelle fermeture de pêche de 800 km² pour protéger des coraux profonds exceptionnels entre l’Espagne et le Maroc  Oceana exhorte les pays membres de la Commission Générale des Pêches pour la Méditerranée (CGPM) de faire le nécessaire … Read more

Impacts of Bottom Trawling

Bottom trawling is a highly unselective and destructive fishing gear widely used in Europe. According to the European Environment Agency, it is the #1 source of seabed disturbance in coastal areas, which are the most productive and sensitive parts of our ocean. 1/6: THE 7 SINS OF BOTTOM TRAWLING ON EUROPEAN COASTS Download this infographic … Read more

Terms of reference for two reports on the status and management of “the most over-exploited stocks” and “forage fish stocks” in NE Atlantic waters

Ocober 2021 Interested consultants can submit proposals for one or both reports. Aim of the consultancy: Deliver technical reports on the status and management of a) the most over-exploited stocks and b) forage fish stocks in NE Atlantic waters. Duration and deadlines: two months, from November 1st to December 31st, 2021. Delivery of the report … Read more

Collaborations: IUU

< Go back to IUU Campaign page.     COALITIONS   IUU Watch: The EU IUU Coalition are five NGOs that work with a variety of stakeholders to stop illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and secure the harmonised and effective implementation of the EU Regulation around this global issue.   Transparent Fisheries: The EU Fisheries Control Coalition is an alliance of leading NGOs that works with organisations and … Read more