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Blog Posts by: Pere Valera

Hello everyone.

New campaign with Oceana. New waters too, in this case Lebanese, and their seabeds – which is what we have come to study.

And a new boat. Which is what I’m going to talk about. We are in a tug of 42 metres in length, 11.4 metres wide and 622 GT, and not exactly new.

On this occasion I’m not going to be the skipper, but I have had the opportunity to steer it. And if I’m honest I have to say that when I came on board I had doubts about the suitability of the boat for what we are going to ask of it.

The sea and the sky might be the two halves of the same sphere. And we seafarers are used to sailing the sometimes unpredictable surface that separates them. In this campaign I have learned something about observing the part of the sphere that we cannot see with just our eyes. And the similarities (and obviously the differences) between the two halves are striking. But today I’m going to talk about the half we can see simply by looking up, and so observe its fauna: the clouds.

I say that we’re back sailing again as we’ve been in habour for 2 days, and not because of bad weather. We got a plastic line, the type fishermen use, stuck in the engine. It broke an engine part so we had to head back to the habour and repair it.

So, today it’s my turn to write the on-board diary.

Just a couple of words on superstitions. In the olden days, and, not so long ago in fact, due to a lack of information and knowledge, almost everyone who worked with or related to nature used to be superstitious to be able to answer to and deal with Mother Nature.

From a boss’s point of view – and that is indeed my role on-board – it’s been a quiet day. At least that is what I can say for the amount of attention I needed to pay to the controls today. We’ve also wind sailed today (and we went a lot faster than we would with the motor on), which is something we haven’t managed to do since crossing from Barcelona to Ragusa, Sicily.