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June 18, 2016


BY: Pere Valera



So, today it’s my turn to write the on-board diary.

Just a couple of words on superstitions. In the olden days, and, not so long ago in fact, due to a lack of information and knowledge, almost everyone who worked with or related to nature used to be superstitious to be able to answer to and deal with Mother Nature.

A few years ago, I sailed with an old seaman who couldn’t bear anyone whistling on-board his boat. According to him, and old sailor friend of his, to whistle was to ask for trouble from the sea. I inherited his superstition so every time I hear someone whistling I can´t help but tell them about his theory. There’s been a lot of whistling on-board and, believe me, I am not superstitious.

On that note, and as I sign off, I’d just like to say that in this last week we’ve had to stay at port for three or four days due to strong winds…