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June 29, 2016

Back sailing again!

BY: Pere Valera



I say that we’re back sailing again as we’ve been in habour for 2 days, and not because of bad weather. We got a plastic line, the type fishermen use, stuck in the engine. It broke an engine part so we had to head back to the habour and repair it.

Whether this kind of thing happens is just down to pure odds. But the most worrying thing is that the odds are getting higher and higher. The amount of floating fishing lines and nets left to drift out at sea is unbelievable, not to mention the danger they pose for sailing. I don’t want to go into the amount of fishing lines wrapped up on coral reefs we saw while filming with the ROV.

I hope the work we are undertaking here on-board and everyone who is doing their bit on land, helps in reducing the chances of getting this kind of fishing gear caught up in propellers so that we can sail without fail, and of course, so that the reefs can continue growing without ‘a rope around their neck’.

Until next time, good sailing!