Plastics: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do plastics in the ocean come from?   Plastic can enter the oceans from land-based or from sea-based sources. 80% come from land-based sources, either from coastal regions or from polluted rivers. The plastics getting in the oceans or rivers from land are either coming through the sewage system, often from storm water … Read more

10 things anyone can do to save the oceans!

We hear you. Loud and clear: you’d like to know how or what you can do to help save the oceans. Here are 10 simple steps you can take to help protect our seas and oceans. Drum roll, please… In no particular order: 1. When buying fish, think “where, how and what size” – Fresh … Read more

Major photo exhibition showcasing the effects of human activity on Earth opens outside Scottish Parliament

L-R: A passerby enjoying A Human Touch exhibition; Marta Madina, Communications Director at Oceana, Rt Hon Ken Macintosh MSP, Presiding Officer, Amanda Tyndall, Festival and Creative Director at Edinburgh Science Festival; credit Duncan McGlynn A large-scale, outdoor photography exhibition showcasing the impact humans have on planet Earth is unveiled today at The Scottish Parliament. Curated … Read more

Overfishing and pollution have trashed the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is the top tourism destination worldwide. Sunbathers and swimmers flock to the sea during summer holidays. Idyllic though it may seem, all is not well. The Mediterranean is the world’s most overfished sea, with the highest percentage of unsustainably harvested fish populations, according to a recent report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Increasing human activity … Read more

London Art Exhibition: ‘Changing States of Water’

The Hospital Club is pleased to announce Changing States of Water: a two-person exhibition featuring artworks from Pandora Mond and Emelie Salford on the theme of water, the impact of climate change on drought and supply, the threat to marine life and disassociation from nature in contemporary life, running in the Gallery from Thursday 6 … Read more

Fish or plastic?

Over the last year and months, we seem to have been asking ourselves this question more than any other time in our lives. The rapid expansion of plastics around us has already caused so much damage to our oceans, marine animals and to us, as humans.  What was once a far-fetched idea, has now become … Read more