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Amazon’s Big Role in Ocean Plastic Pollution

Oceana calls on Amazon to address its contribution to the plastic disaster that is devastating the world’s oceans and marine life and provide its customers with plastic-free choices Oceana has today released a report – based on an analysis of e-commerce packaging data – that found Amazon generated 465 million pounds of plastic packaging waste … Read more

Plastic-free Zones in Europe

Plastic Free Zones are a concept on which Oceana has been working at a global level. They have become one of the centerpieces of Oceana’s Plastic Campaign and are defined as areas where single-use plastics (SUPs) are not supplied, commercialized or used, or the amountsof SUPs used has drastically decreased. These zones may include corporate … Read more

Oceana uncovers the plastic plague in Europe’s deep seas

99% of plastic ends up in the deep sea, with no data on how many centuries it takes to decompose in these environments Oceana has published a study with photos from the past decade illustrating the need to drastically reduce plastic use Madrid. – Oceana has published a report on the disastrous effects of plastic … Read more

Plastics: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do plastics in the ocean come from?   Plastic can enter the oceans from land-based or from sea-based sources. 80% come from land-based sources, either from coastal regions or from polluted rivers. The plastics getting in the oceans or rivers from land are either coming through the sewage system, often from storm water … Read more

10 things anyone can do to save the oceans!

We hear you. Loud and clear: you’d like to know how or what you can do to help save the oceans. Here are 10 simple steps you can take to help protect our seas and oceans. Drum roll, please… In no particular order: 1. When buying fish, think “where, how and what size” – Fresh … Read more