Conservative politicians, profits, and pan-seared sturgeon

This World Ocean Day, ‘the tides may be changing’, but political will remains stagnant when it comes to saving Europe’s seas. Dozens of Europe’s most iconic marine species are critically endangered. That’s CRI-TIC-CAL-LY endangered—just two steps below “extinct in the wild” and “extinct” in the IUCN Red List. Sharks and rays, including the hammerhead and … Read more

Oceana model shows extent of plastic crisis on the seabed

Oceana today released an advanced computational model that predicts the pathways and accumulation zones for plastic waste in the ocean, demonstrating that plastic travels long distances, not only at the surface, but also on the seabed. “15 million tonnes of plastic getting into our ocean every year is a global crisis which requires governments to … Read more

Where do ocean plastics go?


Litter clean-ups will not solve the marine plastics crisis: The ecological, technical, and economic constraints of seabed clean-ups

Bioplastic remains plastic: Bio-based, biodegradable
and compostable plastics

Oceana: EU Commission’s proposal could be key to tackling ocean plastic pollution at the source

The new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation proposal advocates for deposit return systems across the EU and binding targets for reusable packaging, key measures to reduce marine litter Oceana regrets that the EU Commission has given in to corporate pressure to decrease the level of ambition and lower reuse targets Oceana underlines that the European … Read more

Spain Curbs Ocean-Polluting Single-Use Plastics Through New Waste Law


Underwater Dumps: the plastic siege on biodiversity

Executive Summary Biogenic habitats are marine structures formed by a variety of species that provide habitat for many others. They include coral reefs or gardens, aggregations of sponges or molluscs, kelp forests, and seagrass meadows. The biological diversity associated with these environments can be enormous. However, pollution of these areas often goes unnoticed due to … Read more