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Oceana expedition to Alboran Sea uncovers underwater oasis and ‘wasteland’

Gathered data will also support advocacy efforts to ban bottom trawling in European Marine Protected Areas Single-use plastics, abandoned fishing gear, and untreated waste most common pollutants found in seven-day expedition Madrid – Oceana concluded its expedition to the Alboran Sea (South of Spain), where the organisation gathered first-hand evidence of plastic pollution and bottom … Read more

Oceana launches campaign to promote refillable bottles and reduce single-use plastics

Oceana’s new international campaign #RefillAgain calls on leading beverage companies to offer refillable bottles for their clients and reduce single-use plastic  What’s worse than single-use jeans? Single-use plastic bottles. American celebrity Heidi Montag’s single-use jeans brand, S1NGLES, is revealed to be launched as part of Oceana’s campaign Oceana’s new international campaign is asking supporters to … Read more

Plastic free tourism: Is it possible?

That is what a group of 29 master students from the University of Wageningen looked to answer by conducting a six-week study alongside Oceana on plastics and the hospitality sector in Mallorca, Spain.  The research’s main objective was to understand the feasibility of sustainable tourism on the island and of plastic-free zones (PFZs), or areas where the use of single-use plastics (SUPs) are drastically reduced thanks to reusable options or through the use of more sustainable materials. Why Mallorca? The Balearic Island is a very important … Read more