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March 15, 2010

CITES: On the spot


Today is Monday and we start working “on the spot”. We thought we’re going to find known faces from the ICCAT meeting, and we’re right. Even though CITES is a conservation-oriented meeting, this year the presence and interference of the fishing industry is going to be stronger than ever because of the importance of the issues herein discussed. But we got a great team. We are ready for it!

CITES 2010 will be especially relevant as the fate of different species such as corals, sharks and the Atlantic bluefin tuna will be decided during this meeting. Atlantic bluefin tuna’s situation is critical as it s is at the edge of collapse. Its listing in appendix I, which provides the highest protection and prohibits its international trading, will represent a survival opportunity for this emblematic species of the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

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Get a better grasp of CITES with Rebecca Greenberg, sharks campaigner at Oceana Europe

Chilean office of Oceana, also in CITES.

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