New report: keep the small fish plentiful to ensure ocean health

Only one in six forage fish populations in the Northeast Atlantic is both sustainably exploited and in a healthy state, according to a report published by Oceana today. The marine conservation organisation is urging Northeast Atlantic countries to improve their management of these small fish, in advance of negotiations on fishing limits later this year. … Read more

Small but mighty: managing Northeast Atlantic forage fish to sustain marine life

Forage fish are small to medium-sized species that are often found in large aggregations, feeding on plankton and other small aquatic organisms. They play a crucial role in the ocean as a vital link in the food web, supporting marine wildlife, including marine mammals, seabirds, and fish species. However, the management of fisheries targeting these … Read more

The cascade effect and trawling

We have all heard the term “cascade effect” used to refer to how a government decision, a war, a political event, or other situation impacts society, the economy, prices, and so on. This expression is also used in ecology to explain how human action, a catastrophic event, or a particular incident, for instance, can have … Read more

Why are there more and more jellyfish in the sea?

In recent years we have seen how jellyfish have become increasingly important in the marine ecosystem. They have been around in the sea for hundreds of millions of years, and are a fundamental part of the marine ecosystem, but their presence is a source of great controversy, as they can affect tourism or fishing. They … Read more

Oceana flags three ocean priorities to be addressed by the EU Spanish presidency

Spain needs to ensure the adoption of the Nature Restoration Law, and show leadership on files related to the energy transition, catch limits, and seafood traceability Oceana urges the Spanish presidency of the EU Council to prioritise ocean-related issues during the second half of 2023, considering the dire climate and biodiversity crises in EU waters … Read more

Blue NGOs call for ambitious targets towards carbon-neutral fisheries in new Energy Transition Partnership

European Commission kick-starts multi-stakeholder cooperation to decarbonise sector and achieve 2050 climate goals   Brussels – Today, on the occasion of the European Commission’s high-level conference on an energy transition initiative for EU fisheries, blue NGOs Oceana, ClientEarth and Our Fish are calling on the Commission and on fisheries stakeholders to set ambitious targets to achieve … Read more