Oceana asks the Balearic Government for more protection for marine biodiversity in Cabrera National Park

The extension of the park, effective from 2019, lacks appropriate protection and management measures to protect the area from industrial fishing The Government, responsible for the park, now has an opportunity to commit to real and ambitious protection after years of delay Oceana urges the Balearic Government to effectively protect the Cabrera Archipelago National Marine-Terrestrial … Read more

A quantification of bottom towed fishing activity in marine Natura 2000 sites

There are over 2100 marine Natura 2000 sites designated across Europe’s seas under the EU Habitats Directive. Member States have designated such sites to protect and recover both important marine habitats such as reefs and sandbanks and a range of iconic species including the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) and grey and … Read more

Habitat characterization, anthropogenic impacts andconservation of rhodolith beds off southeastern Malta

Rhodolith beds, including maerl, are structurally complex perennial habitats that support a high species diversity but are threatened by numerous human activities, particularly in the Mediterranean Sea. Despite their global ecological importance, increased research efforts are needed to facilitate development of effective measures to conserve these habitats. Two areas hosting rhodolith beds are known to … Read more

Quince organizaciones ecologistas piden al Gobierno reforzar los compromisos de protección marina en el Mediterráneo español

Las organizaciones demandan acciones para avanzar en la protección estricta de, al menos, un 10 % del Mediterráneo, comprometido por España Además, solicitan una gobernanza participativa para la elaboración, implementación y evaluación de los planes de gestión de los espacios Continuar con el compromiso y redoblar los esfuerzos para conseguir la protección efectiva del 30 … Read more

Law to restore EU seas by 2030 edges one step closer to reality

Today the European Parliament’s plenary has adopted the agreement reached with EU countries on the Nature Restoration Law (NRL). This is good news for the marine environment, say NGOs Oceana and Seas At Risk, because the new law includes binding restoration targets for marine habitats, as well as a new mechanism and a timeline to … Read more

Spain Designates Seven New Marine Protected Areas

 The Spanish government designated seven new marine protected areas (MPAs) in three Spanish marine regions. These areas, rich in biodiversity and vulnerable ecosystems, will be part of the Natura 2000 Network, which includes the natural areas of greatest ecological value in the European Union. With this designation, the total marine area protected in Spain, including … Read more