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Tell politicians to #RestoreNature and #RestoreOcean!

The ocean is full of life, from simple plankton all the way up to great whales, and the delicate ecosystems and interactions between sea life help keep our planet’s climate and health in balance.  But this delicate balance is under threat.  From irreparable damage to the seabed, to depleting fish populations, to incidental catches of … Read more

Expert views on the EU fisheries package

Today, the European Commission is releasing its package of communications to protect fisheries and the ocean. Its content defines the European Commission’s ocean ambition for marine protection, decarbonisation of the fishing industry and sustainable fisheries management for the remainder of its mandate. Here we speak to Oceana colleagues, Nicolas Fournier – director of habitat protection, … Read more

Replacing bottom trawling with less destructive fishing in the EU is feasible and would help protect marine ecosystems, says report

A new report published today by Seas At Risk and Oceana shows that bottom trawling – one of the most destructive fishing techniques – can be largely replaced in the European Union (EU) by far less aggressive fishing gears. Switching to readily available alternatives to bottom trawling offers multiple benefits, such as dramatically improving fisheries resources, … Read more