Major photo exhibition showcasing the effects of human activity on Earth opens outside Scottish Parliament

L-R: A passerby enjoying A Human Touch exhibition; Marta Madina, Communications Director at Oceana, Rt Hon Ken Macintosh MSP, Presiding Officer, Amanda Tyndall, Festival and Creative Director at Edinburgh Science Festival; credit Duncan McGlynn A large-scale, outdoor photography exhibition showcasing the impact humans have on planet Earth is unveiled today at The Scottish Parliament. Curated … Read more

Oil Slicks

Hydrocarbon spills in the marine environment continue to be one of the major threats to ecosystems and the species that comprise them. They cause direct impacts that can last up to 100 years, and they bring about a bioaccumulation of pollutants in organisms. Spills on the high seas can affect cetaceans, turtles and birds as … Read more

Stopping Pollution

Marine life and ocean ecosystems are threatened by renewed interest in oil drilling in the ocean spurred by a period of high gasoline prices. Expanded offshore drilling increases the risk of oil contamination to wildlife and communities, and contributes to economic losses and climate change. The risks are especially serious  in the Arctic, a unique … Read more


Mercury is a dangerous chemical, finding its way into the oceans and the seafood we eat. Mercury released to the environment from industrial sources ends up in our oceans, contaminating seafood. Because it builds up in wildlife through a process called bioaccumulation, animals high on the food chain carry the most mercury. Many of the … Read more

Microplastics found throughout Baltic

Marine litter is a global issue for the world’s oceans. Plastic litter, especially, is a problem, as it degrades into smaller pieces, called microplastics, which can get eaten by marine organisms, and thereby gradually build up in the marine and coastal environment. It can even end up on your plate!   Last year, Oceana was invited … Read more

Preventing 20,000,000 Tons of Oil from Being Illegally Dumped in the Ocean

A new law was passed by the European Union that imposes criminal sanctions, including heavy fines and even jail terms, for the owners, operators and financiers of boats that illegally dump oily waters and residues into the sea. The new law could prevent as much as 20,000,000 tons of polluting substances from getting into the … Read more