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Oceana Recommendations for the ICCAT Commission meeting November 2008

Most of large pelagic species like tuna, sharks and swordfish are overfished in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, due to the extremely high prices their meat or fins can reach in most of world’s markets. Bluefin tuna is on the verge of collapse due to overfishing, mismanagement and illegal fishing, Sharks are extremely vulnerable … Read more

Hungry oceans. What happens when the prey is gone?

According to conventional wisdom, small, fast-growing fish are impossible to overfish because their populations are so large and grow so quickly. Yet we are now seeing disquieting signs that conventional wisdom is wrong. Most significantly, scientists are reporting ocean predators emaciated from lack of food, vulnerable to disease and without enough energy to reproduce. Scrawny … Read more

Responsible Fishing

According to the FAO, destructive fishing practices like bottom trawling dump more than 7 million tons of marine organisms every year, while obliterating ocean habitat like coral reefs and seamounts that need decades or centuries to recover. Oceana works to ensure that fish are taken out of the ocean only at sustainable rates based on … Read more

Stopping Illegal Driftnets

Oceana issued a report to the European Commission and the general public on the continued use of illegal driftnets in the Mediterranean. This report is the last of a series resulting from years of Oceana work against the use of this illegal fishing gear and the fraud in subsidies. Oceana’s efforts contributed toward a judgment … Read more