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Replacing bottom trawling with less destructive fishing in the EU is feasible and would help protect marine ecosystems, says report

A new report published today by Seas At Risk and Oceana shows that bottom trawling – one of the most destructive fishing techniques – can be largely replaced in the European Union (EU) by far less aggressive fishing gears. Switching to readily available alternatives to bottom trawling offers multiple benefits, such as dramatically improving fisheries resources, … Read more

No improvement for collapsed stocks – time for a reboot in the Baltic Sea

Responding to yesterday’s publication of annual scientific advice for 2023 fishing limits in the Baltic Sea by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), a group of non-governmental organisations said that the Baltic Sea remains in a dire condition, despite tightening of fishing limits in recent years, and that governments in the … Read more

Oceana highlights more work needed to end overfishing in European waters and to take into account ecosystem considerations

Good progress in Atlantic, but slower in Mediterranean   Oceana recommends measures for most depleted stocks and forage fish  Brussels – Reacting to today’s European Commission (EC) communication on the sustainability of EU fisheries and implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), Oceana welcomes the progress the EC and Member States have made to decrease the … Read more

Oceana Expands Campaigns in the United Kingdom

Oceana, the world’s largest ocean conservation organisation, is expanding its campaigns to protect and restore waters in the United Kingdom (UK). More than 90% of the world’s ocean productivity is under the direct control of 29 countries and the EU. Post-Brexit, the UK exclusive economic zone is ranked among the top 15 fishing areas in … Read more