A complicated but interesting day

We’ve been taking samples in Emile Baudot. The ROV has gotten hooked twice: once on a rock and again on a longline. The amount of ropes, fishing lines and nets that are scattered around here is incredible. Towards the south, between 140 and 160 meters depth, there are some large rocks, some of them forming … Read more

Los Estells

Yesterday the 26th, we couldn’t sail and had to stay at port in Cabrera. Today we woke up at seven in the morning and sailed towards the south. While the divers explored the area of Los Estells, we did some transects. This has been an eventful day. When we submerged the ROV, we blew a … Read more

The Eolie Islands

After navigating along the Italian coast for two days, on the morning of 5th June we arrived at the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the north-east coast of Sicily. The objectives at this point of the campaign were: on one hand to continue with the search for and documentation of illegal netters; and, … Read more

Arrival to Sardinia

We left the shores of Corsica, and the stormy French waters, for the peace of La Maddalena archipelago, in the north of the island of Sardinia. Although Corsica made an excellent impression on us through the tranquillity of the streets of Bastia’s Vieux Port area, and the spectacular views of the Corsican coast, Sardinia also … Read more

We left Bastia.

Yesterday we left Bastia in Corsica, bearing south, after the Coastguard had politely but firmly invited us to leave the country, France, in order to avoid further confrontations with the driftnetters, as it seems these were mobilising in order to block our passage. We’d scarcely had time to properly enjoy this island, which has all … Read more

Oceana Ranger attacked!

Following five days spent in Marseilles with the weather unsettled and the driftnetters moored and waiting for the good weather conditions that would allow them to return to their habitual robbery, we finally set sail at dawn on 18th May, bearing for Hyeres, fearing that we would again find driftnetting activity near the port. If … Read more

The port of Marseilles

We arrived on Sunday, after spending half a day bouncing over the many high Mediterranean waves which were the result of a fresh 40-knot southeasterly wind. We’ve taken advantage of these few days of bad weather to make small repairs, wait for the technical service on the satellite telephone and to swap guests. Our good … Read more

Start of the 2007 Mediterranean Expedition of the Oceana Ranger

On the 7th of May we set sail from Torredembarra (Tarragona, Spain) in a northerly direction, and after the planned preparations we sailed through the Mediterranean sea. I was very excited at the start of this expedition, and a little nervous. The weather was on our side and we sailed comfortably, enjoying the good temperature. … Read more