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The superabundance of jellyfish does not happen by chance but rather it is a symptom of the fact that the characteristics of the water have changed due to variations in the oceanographic parameters (temperature, salinity). The causes of the existence of great masses of jellyfish are not local, as has been verified by researchers from … Read more

How do jellyfish reproduce?

It’s summer time, which means that jellyfish are back in the news – recent reports describe thousands clogging beaches in Spain. We thought it might be interesting to look into their reproductive ways and it turns out jellyfish have a rather interesting lifecycle. Interested in learning more? When jellyfish mate, the male’s sperm fertilizes the … Read more

Jellyfish Invaders

Yesterday, we attended Invasion of the Jellyfish, an interesting meeting hosted by the European Parliament’s Seas and Coastal Areas Intergroup. It sounds like the name of a low-budget 80s horror movie, but it’s unfortunately the growing reality in coastal waters around the world. Here’s a quick download on what you need to know about the … Read more

Jellyfish: Overview

Scientists do not know what could be the reason of increased jellyfish population. The increase of  sea water temperature due to climate change, the reduction in the number of predators due to over-fishing and the increase in nutrients due to contamination of the coasts can  be some of the reasons. The superabundance of jellyfish does not … Read more