Distribution and swimming ability of the deep-sea holothuroid Penilpidia ludwigi (Holothuroidea: Elasipodida: Elpidiidae)

The deep-sea elpidiid holothuroid, Penilpidia ludwigi, was recorded using a Remotely Operated Vehicle in the Western, Central, and Eastern Mediterranean Sea. This species, endemic to the basin, was previously captured above the seabed in sediment traps and based on these records its swimming ability was assumed. The present study reports the first in situ observations of … Read more

Oceana Sea Patron

The campaign is drawing to a close and we must decide which shall be the final samples of the campaign, a dredge in the canyon of Saint George and a sampling with CTD, and two further CTD to complete the information on the canyon of Jounieh. The CTD enables us to obtain salinity data, pH, … Read more

Impressions about the day

My name is Ghazi Bitar, I am an oceanographics professor in the Lebanese University. I represent the RAC/SPA, which depends on the UNEP, on board the Sea Patron ship within the framework of the “Deep Sea Lebanon” project. On 26 October 2016, just one day before said mission ends, it was my turn to give … Read more

New discoveries for me

We are now in the last week of work and you can start to feel the returning home syndrome for those who have spent longer away from home. The campaign continues well. We have been encountering extremely rare species, the names of which I do not recall, and other more common ones, such as shrimps. … Read more

What nobody sees

Today, Monday, I am writing you from the port, instead of doing so from the sea as planned. A problem with the probe of the boat, an essential tool for us to be able to work, meant that we had to return to land before scheduled and moor for a couple of hours – hopefully … Read more


Today, the day began with a major aim: investigate the depths of the Saint George canyon for the first time, never before sampled not even during this campaign. When we began the first dive, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was coralligenous. In the first sighting of the sea floor it was strange … Read more


RINGGG… 7am, breakfast in the mess room, two cups of coffee (sacred), a slice of tomato, a slice of cheese, three slices of cucumber, two slices of toast, a boiled egg and a slice of melon.  Some political talk, some bet for the day and everyone under cover. Engines, generator and auxiliary engine, two on … Read more