Riqueza de los fondos infra- y circa-litorales de Jaizkibel

The submarine areas associated to the Jaizkibel mountain show a high diversity of habitats and species. With the aim of contributing to this knowledge, the OCEANA association carried out several immersions from 2008 to 2010. In this work we detail the results of such immersions. Overall, we identified more than 300 species (all of which … Read more

Meet: Seahorse

We found this little guy in Galicia, Spain during our 2008 at-sea Oceana Ranger expedition. Here’s a fun fact about seahorses: the males are the ones who get pregnant and seahorse babies are born inside the male pouch. But here are some not so fun facts about seahorses, which are fished for use in traditional … Read more

Last day of the campaign: Mushroom sponge day

After being under way all night without any problems, we reached Gijón. To finish off the campaign, the objective for the day was to take some samples of mushroom sponges, a species we have recorded along the Galician and Asturian coasts. We have not been able to identify it because it is probably a new … Read more