Oceana proposes fisheries management revamp for Cabrera post-expansion

To mark the 30th anniversary in April of the designation of Cabrera national park in the Balearic islands, Oceana is presenting a proposal for better fisheries management of the enlarged area of the park to be considered in the new management plan which will be developed by the park authorities. Our proposal, which includes fisheries … Read more

Seamounts: Giants in danger

Introduction Underwater seamounts are often referred to as oases of the ocean, as they are home to rich ecosystems living at various depths on their slopes, benefiting from ocean currents that increase biological productivity and attract other marine life. Used as ‘stepping stones’ for transoceanic dispersion of species, and as reproduction or feeding grounds for … Read more

Last day of the campaign

Last day of the campaign, the wind was high and we were trying to find a place to put the ROV out into the water one more time. We could do 5 new ROV dives  in the bottoms around Sa Dragonera Island, as we considered the SCI (Site of Community Importance) Sa Dragonera should be … Read more

Ses Olives

Once we reached the station,  it takes the ROV around 40 to 50 minutes to reach 800 meters deep if the sea is not rough. Ses Olives is home to protected species like black corals, in addition the presence of other habitats that hold dead-corals and mollusks reefs justify its protection. We were in the north, west … Read more

Ausias March Mountain

The sun rises and the sky is covered with clouds but the weather´s not cold;  we can catch sight of the sun and it gets warmer. We reach Ausias March Mountain, close to Ibiza and Formentera islands; this is a fishing area for the trawler fleet. The bottom is rich in hake and Norway lobster. … Read more

West Formentera

The weather hasn´t improved today, we are in the immersion point but the waves are rather high. We started preparing the equipment in case the weather becomes benevolent, so we can put the ROV out into the water. It is nine o´clock in the morning and the operation starts. The way to the bottom is … Read more