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Good news for sharks: the list of wildlife species under special protection procedure just include the Mediterranean populations of seven species: dogfish, common Shortfin Mako, porbeagle, stripe false candle, Malta, common guitar and guitar Blackbeard stripe. Thus, the Spanish legislation prohibits that bother them, capture or killed, and that traded with them

Overfishing has wiped out these species in many areas and in some cases has caused real damage. For example, the population of the Mediterranean common Mako dropped a 99.9% during the 20th century. In the nearby Atlantic waters, its State is also worrying, but continue capturing without any management by ICCAT, the international body that should regulate their fisheries.

Elasmobranches (sharks and rays) grow slowly, live long years and have few offspring, so are particularly vulnerable to overexploitation. For this reason, it is not acceptable wait that is just a fish where there used to be mil.

In 2011, Oceana collaborated on the scientific proposals that were presented to the Barcelona Convention to promote the protection of these species and called on signatory countries to take them. However, the European Commission dilated process until 2012 by political issues. Three years later, there is finally good news for the fish common guitar photo and others that resist in the Mediterranean.

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