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Blog Posts by: Tomas Morate

Since in these diaries we find nautical terms of certain complexity that may result in a lack of understanding from the readers about the events taking place during the expedition, and also driven by the conviction that telling various at-sea events in a “journal” could be an arduous task for both the author and the reader, I hereby, doomed by the monotonous fate, clarify some nautical terms for earthlings.

Hominids that mainly live in static places away from anything that looks like a boat.

It only takes a quick glance at a given spot on the way to fully change the day in just a moment.
In Rabat (Gozo),  we came across a wall with this phrase, or maybe it was a message in a bottle:

"We cannot change the wind but we can adjust the sails"

© OCEANA/ Carlos Minguell

Work is hard but we know there´ll be an immense payoff

Hidden beneath the giant´s unpredictable skin and guarded by Neptune himself.
Protected by unfathomable chains and kept in a silver glitter trunk and smells of the sea.

Keep going crew!! The reward is shared on the Ranger´s deck when the sun sets in Gozo Island.

© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell