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July 6, 2015

Sharing some nautical terms

BY: Tomas Morate



Since in these diaries we find nautical terms of certain complexity that may result in a lack of understanding from the readers about the events taking place during the expedition, and also driven by the conviction that telling various at-sea events in a “journal” could be an arduous task for both the author and the reader, I hereby, doomed by the monotonous fate, clarify some nautical terms for earthlings.

Hominids that mainly live in static places away from anything that looks like a boat.

Strange and incomprehensible object that glides on the waters and floats because that´s what Archimedes´s principle states.

Two vessels joined in parallel that pay as two boats when entering the port.

It is that spot on the vessel to which earthlings head as soon as they have the chance . Once there, they stare at the horizon and with great solemnity and raise their upper extremities like a Cory´s shearwater skimming over the waves, causing other colleagues (if any present) to take out their cameras and capture this long-awaited moment that could make Leonardo DiCaprio´s sweetheart in the Titanic green with envy . This behavior causes great expectation and the alarming question that arises, among those who are not used to this shocking ritual, as to whether they´re going to throw themselves to the big blue or will remain on board.

The place of the vessel where earthlings flee once a fateful wave washes over them, tearing them from their “Titanic-like” pose. This is the complete opposite to the Bow since earthlings return crestfallen, with no camera and soaked clothes.

Right side of the boat as seen from DiCaprio´s girlfriend’s position.

The opposite side to the starboard.

No such thing exists, but it might be real for those who haven´t learnt the previous two terms.