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Blog Posts by: Marta Carreras

Today we slept hove-to, very close to a huge anchorage of enormous ships. At night, apart from the light of the stars, we were accompanied by the lights of the boats, which gave the appearance of cities in the middle of nowhere. The weather is good and my first night in these new circumstances has been a success. After a tasty and varied breakfast to recharge our batteries at seven, we set a course for the position of the first ROV dive. Sailors, ROV technicians, first officer, captain and campaigner all work together to make the manoeuvre a success, again and again... seven times.

It’s only been a few days since the Balearic Government agreed to take further steps in the process of enlarging the Cabrera National Park in the Balearic Islands, something that Oceana has been advocating for over the past several years. Any enlargement will of course be welcomed but to make a meaningful difference rather than a token gesture the park requires a significant expansion.