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July 9, 2016

New expedition

BY: Oceana Web



It’s always exciting to start a new expedition. There are a large number of things that have to work perfectly, which requires many months of preparation and, above all, a great team of people. This time, we are leaving behind the old familiar seas (the Mediterranean and the Baltic, the Iberian and Macaronesian Atlantic) to discover what lurks beneath the surface of the North Sea. This sea, surrounded by the countries of northern Europe, has suffered a long list of impacts over countless years, which have been closely related to the development of these bordering countries. Our mission, as usual, will be to document the result of these impacts, and also the least studied areas, to aid the effective management of the resources. The first dives of the ROVs and some initial dredging seem to suggest that here, too, in the most “trawled” sea in the world (where more trawl fishing has been carried out than anywhere else), marine life is also making headway, and deserves to be protected.