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February 29, 2012

New black coral species found?


Oceana’s expedition to the southeast Spanish coast, in the Almeria region, had an unexpected outcome. Using a submarine robot, we recorded more than 50 species along the Abubacer ridge, but one of them in particular, made quite an impression: an unidentified black coral.

It could be a species new to science and, at the moment, an investigation is underway to find out for sure if it is.

© OCEANA  / Carlos Suárez. Unidentifed black coral. Abubacer ridge, Almería, Spain. Oceana Ranger Expedition 2011

The pictures above show the coral in its habitat and as a sample on board the Oceana Ranger.

All the species documented in Almeria, and more from different regions of the country, are now part of a list submitted to the Spanish government for the Spanish Marine Habitats and Species Inventory.