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October 2, 2013

Kayaking for a healthier sea


Sergi Rodríguez Basolí is on a remarkable and unique expedition: he is attempting to kayak the length of the Mediterranean coast on his own. Sergi left Spain 71 days ago. He has since travelled along the French coast and has arrived in Italy.

If he manages this feat, which would mean kayaking the coast of the 25 Mediterranean countries, he will have traveled a distance longer than the Earth’s diameter, with just the power of his arms and a small sail. Impressive, isn’t it?

Sergi’s mission is a very simple one: to raise awareness around the need to preserve our oceans before it is too late. He has been meeting contacts in each country, asking them to deliver “witness letters” to their Environment Ministries, which stress the fact that our knowledge about the ocean can’t keep up with their destruction and if we don’t proceed with an approach that takes precaution into account, it will be too late.

We share this concern with him and are very proudly supporting his initiative. As Sergi puts it: “Nature is our only true home, and we should treat it as such.”

If you want to follow his progress, pop by his website and see check out superb photos at www.rumbo-mediterraneo.com