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October 28, 2011

Friday Meet & Greet: The Ambush of the Anemone


Today’s Meet & Greet looks like its straight out of a horror movie! Trust me, this video is a MUST SEE – it catches you so off guard, one second you are wondering what it is you are supposed to be looking at, and then before you know it, this creepy hand looking thing is coming out of the ground – and well…I won’t ruin the surprise, see for yourself:  We’ve called it the Ambush of the Anemone – watch and enjoy! There is no sound, but that just ups the creepiness factor.

The underwater robot we use to take pictures and footage at depths our divers cannot reach brought this gem back for us from almost 180 meters deep. This particular anemone (Anemonactis mazeli) buries itself in the sand and quietly waits for its prey to make the mistake of thinking it’s safe. In this case, the silver pout plays the role of the prey; taking a break on the sand before the anemone pops out and uses it tentacles to paralyze it before eating it!

Seriously, click on the video, you REALLY want to see this!