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December 19, 2012

Fisheries Parliament Committee Shines in CFP vote

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We knew it was going to be a big week for fisheries in Brussels. The vote out of the EU Parliament’s Fisheries Committee was beyond what even we had hoped for. We are so very proud that the majority of the MEPs fought for a sustainable future for European fisheries. Thank you, for representing the European citizens honorably.

Here are some of the great elements that MEPs voted to include:

  • Obligation to set fishing opportunities by 2015 above MSY levels, in order for stocks to recover by 2020
  • Clear ban on discards within a definite timeline; proceeds from the landing of unwanted catches should be reverted to a fund to be used for data collection and control
  • Obligation for the fishing  industry to contribute to the costs of data collection and control
  • Freeze of funding to fishers that do not comply with fishing rules, and freeze of funding to Member States that do not achieve the objectives set in EU fishing legislation
  • Obligation to adjust fishing capacity to fishing opportunities and a thorough assessment of the fishing capacity of Member States
  • Proper integration of environmental legislation into the reform and creation of a network of fish stock recovery areas

The finish line is in sight, and with this vote, we are more hopeful than ever that European fisheries are getting a real chance to recover and provide generations to come with food to eat, a thriving fishing industry, and a healthy marine environment.

Stay tuned for more news from Brussels this week!