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December 30, 2015

Diving in the night

*** Local Caption *** Deckhands José Luis Escudero and Eva Jiménez launching the ROV during a night immersion. Ormonde, Gorringe Bank, Portugal. Oceana Ranger 2012: Expedition to the deep-sea. October 2012. Marineros largando el ROV durante una inmersión nocturna del ROV. Ormonde, Banco del Gorringe, Portugal. Oceana Ranger 2012: Expedición a las profundidades submarinas. Octubre 2012.


One of the interesting facts that we came across when we pinned our expeditions on this story map was at what time of the day we usually dive. We found out that at least one sixth of the immersions took place between 9 p.m. and 10 a.m., both with divers or with an underwater robot (ROV).

When you want to gain a better understanding of the fauna living in an area, it is important that you try to document it at different hours. Otherwise you’ll miss creatures that are more active by night and you’ll lose the opportunity to film their behaviour.

Night dives are of course more demanding for divers, but also for ROV technicians, supporting crew and the marine scientists who watch the images as they’re being filmed and ask that the ROV is moved to one direction or another.  When this is done in the evening, people are tired after a long working day at sea.  The images are however as beautiful as the ones seen in the daylight: have a look at our “Night immersions” Flickr album.