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September 22, 2010

Another day at OSPAR


It has been a busy few days for us at OSPAR. So far the meetings we’ve assisted have been incredibly interesting, but the entire process is exhausting and rather intense: we’ve been getting back to our hotel at around 23h and waking up very early in the morning to prepare for meetings. The delegates look more exhausted than we do – no doubt because their negotiations have been going on into the wee hours of the morning.

A lot has been covered over the past few days, but the major issue of discussion has been Marine Protected Areas in areas Beyond National Jurisdiction. Here is a video from the OSPAR 2010 website that you can check out to learn more about it – it’s a great overview of MPAs in the North East Atlantic.

There are a lot more meetings to attend – and we are looking forward to tomorrow and Friday, when the Ministers arrive and the real decisions get made.

Stay tuned – we’ll be blogging a summary of the entire summit once we are back (and have gotten a good night’s sleep!)