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January 22, 2014

Animal behavioral studies



Is there anything we can learn from all the animals that we share the planet with? I think most people would say a definitive yes, but when quizzed about exactly what, I’m not so sure all of us could come up with a well thought-out answer. Personally, I think we can learn something about behaviour. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m not the first one with that thought. Animal behavioural studies have been around for almost one hundred years, so I missed my claim to fame by a century or so, but still I see something interesting there. 

So what exactly can we learn, and from what animal? Perhaps we could learn a little from the turtle, meaning we could relax more and not be so stressed out, or a dog, by being trustworthy and loyal. Or maybe the French angelfish, that form bonds and live, hunt and travel in pairs until death do they part. We should probably try to avoid learning anything from the Australian redback spider. During copulation, apparently the male often somersaults into the mouth of the much larger female, and most times he gets eaten (!).   

But I’m not going to leave you with that picture hanging over your mind. Instead I’m going to leave you with a set of pictures of underwater animals doing things that it’s easy for humans to relate to; like feeding, breeding, and getting into fights with each other, to name a few. It’s almost like a Friday at the pub down there (only there is no beer!)

Maybe they have studied us too?

I’m done – Take me to Oceana’s Flickr and these pub-crawling animals.