Victory | May 31, 2023

European Commission Releases Public Database Disclosing Activities of EU Vessels Fishing Outside of EU Waters

Following campaigning by Oceana and its allies, the European Commission released a public database that allows anyone to search for information about EU-flagged vessels authorized to fish outside of European Union (EU) waters. As a measure to increase transparency, the database publishes information on each vessel, including: what waters it is authorized to fish outside of the EU and for how long; the fishing gear it is allowed to use; and its target species. Prior to this victory, public information about the activities of EU-flagged vessels fishing outside of EU waters was limited or non-existent, allowing these vessels to operate with little scrutiny. Oceana’s campaigning was critical in making this database a reality, which will help shine a light on fishing vessel activity and deter illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.