Terms of Reference for a Communication Consultancy Service on sustainable UK fisheries and UK marine protected areas


1. Objective

Oceana would like to commission experts in communications and environmental campaigning to support and elevate the communication aspects of Oceana’s Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas campaigns in the UK. The consultant will develop communication strategies and deliver communications and campaign packages which promote Oceana´s messages on sustainable fishing and marine protected areas in the most impactful way, in order to influence the position of UK decision-makers and contribute to the achievement of Oceana’s goals. The consultancy service will contribute as well to building up Oceana’s profile in the UK.


2. Background information

2.1 Sustainable Fisheries

The UK´s decision to leave the EU, and therefore the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), has substantial consequences in the governance and regulatory framework system for the management of UK fish stocks, including stocks shared with third parties. New domestic fisheries rules and international agreements are needed to facilitate the sustainable exploitation of the fish resources and meet the UK government’s ambition to become a world leader with “gold standard fisheries management”.

For the time being, the UK has adopted the UK Fisheries Act 2020, which sets the basic legal framework for the management of UK fisheries. Oceana will focus on monitoring and defending the progress achieved to date in this regulatory framework to ensure that current sustainability measures are maintained and improved. The UK has also established bilateral agreements and memoranda of understanding with the main North-East Atlantic fishing states and organizations, including the EU, as well as becoming a NEAFC Contracting Party.

In 2021, the UK Government and Devolved Administrations will continue developing further fisheries rules to provide a complete management framework, notably the UK Fisheries Statements and fisheries management plans, while at the same time starting to implement the current domestic and international management rules.

2.2 Marine protected areas

While over 30% of UK waters are now designated as Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), only a few of them are actually protected, including against destructive fishing.  On paper, UK MPAs are the jewels in the crown of British marine life, but in reality there is little management or enforcement and destructive human activities like bottom trawling and dredging are allowed to continue in most (hence why they are often referred to as “paper parks” – as they are little more than lines on a map). In fact, an analysis by Oceana found that 97% of UK MPAs were affected by bottom-trawling[1]. The last EU habitat assessments[2] for the North-East Atlantic reported that 71% of habitats were in an unfavourable status and the status of the remainder was unknown.

What is more, only a small fraction of the UK MPA network (0.01%) is strictly protected, in the form of Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) otherwise known as marine reserves or no-take zones. However, these fully protected MPAs, which offer the highest level of restrictions, are also the most effective at conserving and restoring biodiversity[3] and bring with them considerable socio-economic benefits[4].

3. Activities and deliverables

As indicated above, Oceana expects to agree with the Consultant the strategy and activities to conduct during the communications service. Oceana welcomes effective and creative proposals to deliver our messages, also concerning the social media approach, with a preference for quality over quantity.

It should be highlighted that for some of Oceana’s areas of work the external situation can change within a matter of a week. A highly nimble and flexible approach is therefore essential.

According to the priority areas of work listed above, the main target audiences for the communications activities would be key decision-makers in the UK government and hence national media.

4. Duration of the consultancy service

Consultancy duration is from signature of the agreement until 31 December 2021.

5. Budget

The budget for this consultancy service is capped at GBP 50,000 (VAT excluded) to include all costs associated with the service.

6. Instructions for applicants

Interested applicants should submit their proposal form along with a list of relevant previous experience and main accomplishments. Please send your application to Emily Fairless, Communication Officer for Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas at Oceana in Europe, efairless@oceana.org no later than close of business on 23 March 2021.

7. Data protection

FUNDACION OCEANA is the Controller of the Data Subject’s personal data and informs him/her that these data shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April (GDPR) and the Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December (LOPDGDD), for a legitimate interest of the Controller, providing the following information on the processing:

  • Purpose of the processing: to include the Data Subject in the personnel selection processes, analysing the applicant’s profile with the aim of selecting the best candidate for the Controller’s vacancy.
  • Legitimacy of the processing: unequivocal consent clearly indicated by the Data Subject.
  • Data storage criteria: data will be stored for a maximum period of one year, after which the data will be erased, guaranteeing full respect for confidentiality both in the processing and subsequent destruction. To this effect, once this period has elapsed, and if you wish to continue participating in the Controller’s selection processes, please send us your CV again.
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  • Data disclosure: Your data may be communicated to third parties because they are necessary to achieve the purpose of the treatment, or by legal obligation.
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– The right to file a claim with the Spanish Supervisory Authority (www.aepd.es) if you consider that the processing does not comply with the current legislation.

Contact information to exercise their rights: FUNDACION OCEANA. GRAN VIA, 59 9 – 28013 MADRID (Madrid). Email: europe@oceana.org  


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