Report | March 9, 2017

Oceana’s Contribution with respect to the Commission’s Proposal to issue a Communication on an Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Atlantic Basin

Oceana considers that the Atlantic basin’s characteristics differ enough from other marine regions to require a specific policy. Nevertheless, this policy will be even more useful if it incorporates more sectors where fishing, protection of marine habitats or energy are some of the main aspects.

The commission’s introduction of a framework of integrated marine governability for the Atlantic will make it possible to define a holistic perspective of the way it manages. It will also be able to set common goals for member states, coordinate initiatives while making use of possible synergies and solving conflicts between sectors and countries. In short, drafting this document will make it possible to progress toward coherent development of the activities implemented in the European Atlantic Basin and its associated seas.

Oceana stresses the importance of this mari ne area. Its surface represents the largest marine area in Europe. It is distributed between four of the 27 European community countries, Portugal, Spain, France and England. In addition, these countries represent fishing and marine energy production powers, but when it comes to protecting marine habitats.

Oceana wishes to emphasize the need to unify policies and develop cross-border coherence for habitats, fisheries management and promoting marine renewable energies. These are sectors where the EU must correct deficient situations and improve its international leadership