Oceana supports the protection of the sea surrounding Tagomago

Press Release Date: August 31, 2015

Location: Madrid


Marta Madina | email: mmadina@oceana.org | tel.: Marta Madina

Oceana stresses the need to implement appropriate monitoring and follow-up to ensure effective protection

Oceana has shown its support for the protection of the waters surrounding Tagomago, Ibiza, making contributions to the proposal for a Plan of management of the resources natural (PORN) of the Town Hall of Santa Eulària des Riu to declare Tagomago a nature reserve area. Also it has encouraged the Environment Minister of the Balearic Government to support this initiative, so that the protection of these waters are a reality in the near future.

In general, Oceana has highlighted to achieve protection of the waters of really effective Tagomago, and depending on experience gained in other marine protected areas in Baleares, whereas management measures have a scientific and technical basis, and to apply effective surveillance and monitoring that allow to determine objectively the evolution of the State of conservation of the area for If necessary, apply the appropriate corrective measures.

In addition, Oceana calls that it expands the initial proposal to Cap Moscarter in the North, the Llosa de Santa Eulària South – visited by Oceana in 2006 – and the submarine cable between Ibiza and Mallorca East. In this way would include areas coralline, sensitive habitat of high ecological importance protected at European level and on that bottom trawling is prohibited to avoid their degradation.

If it is intended to encourage the proliferation of the species of fishing and protect marine ecosystems in Tagomago, is necessary to eliminate fishing activities more aggressive and shocking”, indicates Ricardo Aguilar, research director at Oceana. “Therefore, Oceana proposes withdrawal of fishing, underwater recreational fishing, Championship fishing, jigging, and similar patterns. So, is it will help recovery from responsible artisanal fishing in the area”.

Oceana supports professional, artisanal and responsible fishing. That is why, with the aim of improving the balance between artisanal fisheries and marine in Tagomago conservation, proposes is to implement measures that promote the improvement of selectivity and decrease in bycatch.

Finally, Oceana has proposed to include in the list of habitats and species of natural interest of the PORN marine species collected but not present in the area, such as the bottlenose dolphin, the loggerhead turtle, the nacra, dates of sea and sea, and classified as reef habitats, cicada as it is the case of the coralline, in order that appropriate management measures that ensure the protection of these develop.

Oceana to the PORN of the islets of Santa Eularia des Riu