Oceana supports EU Commission deductions for member states that overshot 2012 fishing quotas

Fourteen Member States will be penalized.

Press Release Date: August 9, 2013

Location: Madrid


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Yesterday, the European Commission announced deductions in fishing opportunities that will be applied to the Member States who overshot their 2012 quotas. Oceana supports these deductions, which should help compensate for the damage done to the stocks. The marine conservation organization strongly condemns the lack of control routinely exhibited over fishing activity in the EU.

This year, deductions that include penalties will be applied to 14 Member States for overshooting on the stocks of 36 species, including common species like cod, haddock, herring, hake, plaice, and mackerel. In cases where no available quota is left for the particular stock that was overshot, a similar species will be penalized. Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, Ireland, and the UK are the hardest hit Member States.

“This annual reduction, just like the lack of control, is an unfortunate tradition in EU fisheries management” stated Xavier Pastor, Executive Director at Oceana in Europe. “Member States should understand that there are rules to follow not only out of respect for the law they themselves have passed, but also for the good of the resources and the fishing sector”

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