Susan Murray

Deputy Vice President, U.S. Pacific

Executive Committee

As a child, I spent countless hours with my grandmother on Juno Beach in Southern Florida observing and recording the activities of sea turtles. A conservationist long before it was fashionable, “The Turtle Lady” dedicated decades to protecting and preserving these magnificent marine animals. From her strong example, I have seen first hand how the actions of one person can truly affect public policy to make a positive difference.

From Juno to Juneau

I have lived in Juneau, Alaska for more than 20 years and am smitten by the vibrant coastal ecosystem. Where else can you see a bear, whale, sea lion, mountain goat, and glacier from a kayak all in one day?! From exploring tide pools with my children, to hiking the shoreline with my dogs, to catching and enjoying local seafood, I find peace and tranquility in this ocean paradise. I want my children to have these same opportunities as adults.

Be a Part of the Solution

Living in a coastal community, I see first-hand the benefits and drawbacks of ocean management decisions.  The same cruise ships that bring a million tourists to visit our town, also dump sewage and other waste into our ocean.  Personal use fisheries have many more restrictions than when I first arrived here because the fish and crabs have been overexploited.  These are just two examples from my town that are being repeated around the world.  Rapid, diligent, concerted efforts based on sound science and good public policy are imperative to restore the health of our world’s oceans. We owe it to our children and their children to literally turn the tide on the fate of the oceans.