Antha Williams

Antha N. Williams leads the Environment program at Bloomberg Philanthropies. Under Williams’ direction, Bloomberg Philanthropies supports environmental initiatives to improve sustainability of cities around the world, to accelerate the transition to clean energy, and to combat overfishing and protect coral reefs. Bloomberg Philanthropies’ environment program also serves as the hub of Michael Bloomberg’s personal efforts to combat … Read more

Elizabeth Wahler

Elizabeth Wahler is a long-time ocean advocate and philanthropist. Growing up on the California Coast, and having a father who pioneered carbon capture, she has a deep love and interest in protecting our oceans. Her business career is technology-centric, specializing in working on the tools of tomorrow and creating strategic solutions to simplify complex problems. … Read more

Maya Gabeira

Maya Gabeira is a Brazilian Big Wave Surfer, best known for setting the 2020 World Record for the biggest wave at 73.3 feet ever surfed by a woman, and the biggest wave surfed by anyone – male or female – that year. As an ESPY award winner and 7x Big Wave Award champion, Maya is one of … Read more

Nicholas Davis

Nicholas Davis has been the Chairman of the Board of EuroAmerica since 2010. EuroAmerica is one of the top players in the Chilean financial services industry, with strong presence in pension products through annuities, capital market transactions, brokerage, financing and real estate development. Nicholas is the founder of Fundación Punta de Lobos, a non-profit organization … Read more

Sara Lowell

Sara Lowell is a long-time ocean philanthropist and board member of the Marisla Foundation. She also is the Foundation’s Marine Conservation Program Director and oversees efforts to create marine protected areas, advance sustainable fisheries, and protect coastal lands in California, Hawaii, Baja California, Chile, and the broader Pacific.

Jena King

Jena King is a philanthropist who created the Jena and Michael King Foundation with her late husband. Since 1999, the institution has focused its endowments on children and the environment. She also oversees a donor advised fund through the Jewish Community Foundation. In 2007, Jena was honored with Global Green’s Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award, … Read more

Jean Weiss

Jean Weiss grew up along the bayous of the Louisiana Gulf Coast where living off the land was truly a way of life. Although her family’s livelihood came from her father working offshore for over 30 years, her connection to Oceana began the day the BP Deepwater Horizon rig blew up and practically destroyed the … Read more

Dr. Rashid Sumaila

Sumaila is Professor and Director, Fisheries Economics Research Unit & the OceanCanada Partnership at the University of British Columbia. He specializes in bioeconomics, marine ecosystem valuation and the analysis of global issues such as fisheries subsidies, illegal fishing, climate change and oil spills. Sumaila is deeply interested in how economics, through integration with ecology and … Read more

David Rockefeller, Jr.

David Rockefeller, Jr. is a lifelong sailor and conservationist and was a Founder of Sailors for the Sea, now a component of Oceana.   He served on the Pew Oceans Commission and was previously the Citizen Chair of the National Park Foundation.  He and his wife Susan are active in overseeing an organic and biodynamic farm … Read more

Gaz Alazraki

Gaz Alazraki is the writer and director of Mexico’s record breaking comedy Nosotros los Nobles (2013) and the Co-Creator, Executive Producer and Director of Club de Cuervos (2015) – Netflix’s first original series in Spanish. He heads Alazraki Entertainment, a Mexico City based production company focused on High Quality Entertainment for general audiences in Latin America and Hispanic USA.