Arielle Sutherland-Sherriff

Policy Advisor

Oceana Staff

Arielle joined Oceana in February 2023 in Brussels as Policy Advisor.

She has an academic background in integrated marine environmental sciences, coastal zone management and policy, with her undergraduate degree completed from the University of Bangor.

She is a firm believer that policy management must be strongly underpinned by scientific research and finds that far too often, there is a gap between research and policy – with too much research undertaken, but often too little translated into helping solve real-life issues, and with many policies lagging and misadapted to the latest research. Much like a fun game of chess, each decision we take has an impact in shaping the world we live in. She joined Oceana to provide a voice to the voiceless – the ocean – and help bridge the science-policy gap to help society cope with its numerous challenges.

If not reachable by mail, you might find her in a fish-suit playing some blues to, or playing a boardgame with ocean critters.