Andrés Iturria

Systems Administrator

Oceana Staff

I’m originally from Caracas, Venezuela, but I moved to Madrid in 2017.

I have always been fascinated with anything related to computers, electronics and technology in general. I started learning programming in high school and then I studied Information Systems Engineering. I’m also certified in cloud computing and I’m currently enrolled in a MSc in Artficial Inteligence.

The best aspect of my position is that I’m able to help and work with people from all our offices around the world, so, I’m able to work in technology and learn about different cultures while contributing to a good cause.

In my free time I like to watch or play sports, I played Baseball untill College and I also enjoy watching or playing football, basketball, tennis, bowling and even chess. I enjoy a friendly competition.

I also code as a hobby, I make bots to unnecessarily automate any trivial task.

The beach is a second home to me, I enjoy snorkeling and my favorite sea creature is the barracuda, seeing them swim is at the same time terrifying but calming.