Amélie Laurent

Policy Assistant

Oceana Staff

I grew up near the ocean in the Southwest of France, admiring the tallest sand dune in Europe and jumping in the waves.

While travelling and studying, I realized how threatened our oceans are due to climate change and human activities, whereas they are world´s largest carbon sink. And in summer 2022, the forest at the foot of this very same dune has gone up in smoke because of a fire during a heatwave.

I graduated in 2022 in International Law and International Politics from a French and a Canadian university. I worked at the EU office of Oxfam on food security, corporate justice and renewable energy. Passionate about women’s rights, I was also part of local and national feminist associations.

I am excited to join Oceana to be part of the blue change. “Raise your voice, not the sea level”, as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said.