Threatened Species: What does Oceana do?


  • © OCEANA  / Carlos SuárezOceana is part of ACCOBAMS and has the status of observer in OSPAR, HELCOM, ICES and ICCAT, and in international and fishing management conventions directly or indirectly linked to the conservation of threatened marine species. Our objective is the inclusion of new species in the protection lists of these conventions and the adequate management of the fishing stocks, which is why we recommend to put an end to the fishing of more vulnerable species.
  • Oceana carries out campaigns on board the Oceana Ranger  and documents the sea-beds with an underwater robot (ROV). This work provides new information on the presence of marine species and their distribution, a fact which helps their conservation and management. Areas with relevant species are proposed as a protected marine area.
  • Oceana actively participates in national and European legislation changes related to the conservation of marine species, providing politicians with the available information and recommending measures aimed at improving the protection of species.
  • Oceana collaborates with scientific institutions and universities to increase the level of knowledge of marine species in general and specifically those being threatened. In this way, its conservation and recovery are favoured.  
  • Oceana works to minimize the impacts of destructive fishing, overfishing and contamination of the marine environment, aspects which have a negative bearing on the survival of these threatened species.