Sharks: What Oceana Does


Shark finsChanges in legislation.

Oceana works to eradicate “finning ”, cutting off fins and throwing the body overboard while the shark is still alive. This practice has increased as Asian countries demand more fins for “shark fin soup”, while also raising the price of the fins.

Oceana is focused on changing European legislation to prohibit finning and enforcing the landing of sharks with fins attached. In addition, the organisation works to create solid regulations for fishing different shark species in Europe, where Spain harbours the most important fleet.


This organisation regulates the large pelagic fishery, as well as the tuna fishery, and establishes TACs and quotas for some shark species. Oceana works to create measures tailored for the different populations, and to achieve the establishment of management plans for all shark species targeted by different fisheries.

European Shark Week

In 2008, the second annual European Shark Week took place 11-19 October. It’s a unique opportunity for people across Europe to demonstrate their support for shark conservation in a way that can really effect change.

During European Shark Week 2007, aquariums, dive clubs and other organizations helped host more than 100 events and together we collected more than 20,000 signatures.