Reducing By-catch in U.S. fisheries


Oceana’s campaign focuses primarily on one of the biggest human-provoked  threats to sea turtle survival: bycatch (link) in commercial fisheries. Oceana works to reduce sea turtle (link) bycatch in EU  fisheries through gear modification (link 5) and by advocating for the closure of fisheries at times and in areas where sea turtles are likely to be present.


In addition, Oceana urges the government to collect the data needed to determine the number of sea turtles being caught in fisheries, evaluate the cumulative impact of those interactions, determine the number of sea turtles that can be harmed without jeopardizing the recovery of sea turtle populations and set limits based on those levels.


Our methods include:


– Seeking out, reviewing, compiling and analyzing scientific reports and new data on sea turtle takes.


– Creating reports and documents that synthesize new knowledge and threats to sea turtles.


– Advocating for sea turtles throughout the country at the regional level through fisheries management councils (link) and NMFS (link) and nationally through Congress.


– Filing litigation on behalf of sea turtles, when necessary.


– Raising public awareness of the threats facing sea turtles through educational materials and grassroots organizing.