Corals: What Oceana Does


Dendrophyllia rameaThe Oceana Approach is straightforward and uses all available information to protect and preserve living seafloor habitat.

Oceana develops research campaigns in the Atlantic and Mediterranean where, with  an underwater robot (Remote Operated Vehicle ROV), professional divers and scientists study and document the sea beds:

  1. Locate, identify and describe corals and other species that live on the sea beds at hundreds of meters depth.
  2. Study the health of coralline and calcareous ecosystems determining the main threats.
  3. Promote the designation of marine protected areas in areas where habitats and species of high ecological value exist and prevent destructive activities in the protected areas.
  4. Collaborate with scientific publications to increase knowledge about new species and undocumented locations.
  5. Report destructive or illegal fishing activities that destroy many species of corals, gorgonians and sessile organisms.