Corals: Achievements


June 2009: The Spanish Ministry announced the creation of 20 new marine protected areas that will be implemented at the conclusion of the Life Indemares Project in which Oceana participates. This measure adopted by the Spanish government constitutes a new opportunity to conserve deep-sea coral populations in some areas taken into account  in the project. 


September 2008: Oceana documented the existence of black coral forests (Leiopathes glaberrima, Antipathes dichotoma, A. subpinnata) around the Aeolian Islands and northwest Sicily (Italy).


July 2008: Oceana documented the existence of white deep-sea corals (Madrepora oculata) in the Aviles Canyon (Asturias, Spain) at roughly 230 meters depth during the 2008 Ranger Expedition in the Galicia-Cantabria area.  This information confirms the importance of this area and the need to promote its designation as a marine protected area.


December 2006: Oceana’s proposal to protect various vulnerable habitats, including deep-sea corals, was translated into the approval of Council Regulation (CE) 1967/2006 concerning management measures for the sustainable exploitation of fishing resources in the Mediterranean Sea. This regulation prohibited the use of towed dredges and fishing with trawl nets at depths over 1000 meters.