Learn more: Arctic Peoples


The Arctic is home to vibrant communities of indigenous peoples who have lived in harmony with their surroundings since time immemorial.

About four million people live in the Arctic. Indigenous peoples include the Inuit (Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia), Saami (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia), Athabascan Indians (Alaska, Canada), Aleut (Alaska, Russia) and dozens of distinct indigenous peoples in northern Russia.

The cultural richness and traditional knowledge and wisdom of these peoples are an incredibly valuable part of the shared tapestry of human experience.

Arctic peoples are telling us an important story about how we are living on this planet and we need to listen and change our own ways before it’s too late. Choices we make every day which increase CO2 in the atmosphere — whether it’s driving our cars or not driving home important policies that address climate change — impact the daily lives of people in the Arctic.