Transoceanic Expedition 2005: The Crew


The Oceana Ranger, 71 feet long ( 23.5 metres ) by 32 feet wide ( 10.5 metres ), can accommodate 14 people on board. During its first transoceanic crossing between Los Angeles and Palma de Majorca, captains, underwater videographers and photographers, sailors and biologists all rotated their stints on the catamaran.

Xavier Pastor:Director of Oceana for Europe – Coordinator of the expedition.

Spain– Marine biologist. Coordinates the work of campaigns on board the Ranger.

Carlos Pérez:Oceana’s Director of Operations in Europe

Spain –Biologist. Dedicated to the sea for the last twenty years as a sailing instructor and coastguard, he corrdinates all the work involved in this first transoceanic crossing, both on board the Ranger and from Oceana’s office in Madrid.

Stephen McAllister and Ann Compton

United States –Proprietors of the Ranger, they kindly loaned it to Oceana and have formed part of the crew as sailors in support of Oceana’s work in defending the oceans.

Aitor Iturraspe:Diver

Spain –Yacht skipper. Sailor on board the ranger and pilot of the pneumatic launches used to move the diving equipment to the filming spots.

Sandy Mayson:Editor of Oceana’s magazine

United States –Journalist. Through his on-board diary, she told us all about the voyage from Golfito and Cocos Island in Costa Rica to Island of Coiba and the Panama Canal in Panama.

Nuño Ramos:Captain

Spain –Telecommunications engineer. Captain on board the Ranger on the Pacific route and from Miami to Palma de Majorca.

Maribel López:Office Manager of Oceana in Europe

Spain –Sociologist. With pen, paper and recorder in hand, Maribel related her experience on board the Ranger during the journey between the Panama Canal and Miami.

Juan Pablo Camblor:Diver

Spain –Biologist. Specialist in the management of environmental projects in marine environments. He is also a profeccional underwater videographer, scubadiving instructor and scientist, and the technical director of ZOEA, SL ( marine environmental research and dissemination ).

Houssine Kaddachi:Underwater photographer – Diver

France –One of the documentalist on this first Ranger expedition, Houssine was also the number one support to Mar Mas under the water. His photographs can be enjoyed on many sections of this website.

David R. Agone:Engineer

United States –After the sails, the motors are the Ranger’s back-up system, and David was constantly pampering them. Capable of solving any kind of unexpected occurrence, he made sure the speed of the expedition kept pace with the anticipated schedule.

Mar Mas:Producer, scriptwriter and underwater videographer.

Spain –The producer of numerous documentaries, on board the Ranger Mar brought us closer every day to the wonderful creatures that inhabit the oceans and the environmental dangers threatering them. Her films can be seen in the video section.

Ricardo Aguilar:Director of Research for Oceana in Europe

Spain –Recognised as an international expert and included in the Directory of Marine Mammals Specialists ( Mediterranean and Black Sea ) of the United Nations Environment Programme, on board the Ranger he coodinated the campaign work.

Soledad Esnaola:Diver

Argentina –a graduate in Marine Science with postgraduate studies in Marine Biology at the University of Queensland ( Australia ). An expert on cetaceans. Rescue diver. Field technician for ZOEA.

Sandra L. Thompson:Cook

United States –Work on board required a lot of physical effort, and Sandra was responsible for ensuring that all the crew members replenished their energies every day.

Bibiana Alvarez Seoane:Boatswain

Spain –Boatswain and main pilot of the pneumatic outboard launches, Bibi joined the crew at the Panama crossing.

Inés García Fungairiño:Diver

Spain –Biologist. With experience in Environmental Impact Studies and Implementation of Environmental management Systems. Scientific diving professor at ZOEA. Rescue diver.

Paloma Larena:Director of Communications for Oceana in Europe.

Spain –Journalist. Through her on-board diary, Paloma tells us all about the progress of the expedition on its Miami to Bermuda leg.

José Peñalver:Cook

Spain –” Indi ” – Naturalist. Founding member of the Natural History of the Sea Society, dedicated to the study and conservation of cetaceans in the Mediterranean. A cook at a hospital in Madrid, he requested leave of absence in order to take part in the transoceanic expedition.

José Carlos Corral:Deckhand

Spain –He took care of the sails, manoeuvres and helped out with repairs. An inveterate traveller, he recently spent three months in Zanzibar as a diver-master at a dive centre. This was his first experience collaborating with an environmental organisation.

Alicia Fraile:Deckhand

Spain –Biologist. Founding member and president of the Natural History of the Sea Society, dedicated to the study and conservation of cetaceans in the Mediterranean. Her personal and professional history have always benn linked to the sea.

Eduardo de Ana:Webmaster for Oceana in Europe

Spain –” Guayo ” – Industrial designer. From Bermuda to the Azores, he wrote the on-board diaries.

Xosé Manuel Gándara:Deckhand

Spain –His relationship with the sea is an almost daily commitment, an intuitive response. His yachting experience has allowed him to interact directly with the elements, having practiced both dinghy and cruiser sailing for many years.

Danielle Savage:Deckhand

Canada –Singer and guitarist in a group that bears her name. This was the first time she had sailed, but she adapted to life on board very quickly.

Dana Harlow:underwater photographer – Diver

United States –Worked as supervisor of underwater operations. He has worked in Hollywood on films such as Titanic and Deep Blue Sea and is a professional Divemaster.

Juan Carlos Calvín:Underwater photographer – Diver

Spain –Marine biologist. Professional diving instructor and 3* FEDAS instructor. Expert in underwater photography, he has an extensive archive of underwater images. He has published various books on the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean. He regularly works as a biologist for the Administration.

Ester Casado:Executive Assistant for Oceana in Europe

Spain –she wrote the on-board diary on the Azores to Lagos leg. On the Ranger, she had the opportunity to experience the marine environment at first hand, a real insight to the sea beyond reports and office work.

Nano Valdés:Deckhand

Spain –Sculptor and sailor. Professor of sculpture at the Massana School in Barcelona. His bond with the sea and sailing goes back to his childhood. He joined the Ranger on the Azores to Lagos leg, after having sailed for four months along the coasts of western Africa and the Caribbean islands.