Baltic Expedition 2012: Overview


OCEANA Hanse Explorer - Baltic Expedition

Oceana is undertaking a six-week Baltic Sea expedition in 2012. The studied areas are defined based on government reactions to our marine protected areas proposals, suggestions from other NGOs and the environmental ministries of several countries, as well as areas that Oceana has identified as in need of more intensive research after 2011 expedition.

Oceana will carry out an at-sea research expedition to document and map vulnerable habitats that deserve protection, focusing on deeper offshore areas and including important spawning and feeding grounds for a number of fish. Our at-sea research will be performed using a chartered vessel, the Hanse Explorer.

With the help of divers and sophisticated equipment such as a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), we will gather detailed scientific information. Based on this scientific knowledge, we will advocate for specific policy measures creating new MPAs and establishing and enforcing management measures in existing MPAs in the Baltic Sea.